Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spiffy Biffy!

Last week I told about the latest addition to the river walk above Bigfork – a new outhouse. Much posher than the previous blue porta-potty. What I didn’t know at the time was just how spiffy the new facility is – check this out:


Okay – a detail shot -


After all – why shouldn’t you be able to stop and work on a crossword along the way?

Here’s a picture of the house:


The house faces onto a canal. There is a spit of land, then Flathead Lake itself. We have a nice shady patio beside the house with a great view down the lake:


Since I took the picture many more boats have arrived. Ours will arrive later this week to take up its position on the seawall.

Til later!


  1. But how spiffy is the smell? AT least it looks clean. As a kid I remember going to wooden outhouses on summer travels and being terrified that a spider was hidden up in the corner ready to pounce.

    KR from KJ's computer

  2. Actually, not too bad. When we walked by yesterday there was a guy with a power washer cleaning the whole place out, which helps. But I hear you on the lurking spider thing - one must always be vigilant!